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Christmas Mass Schedule 2017

Next Sunday, Dec. 24 is both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve. To answer some confusion about the Mass obligation and schedule I offer the following.

There is an obligation to celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent. The Mass schedule for the parishes for that celebration:

Saturday, Dec. 23—
4:00—St. Thomas the Apostle
4:30—Our Lady of Lourdes
Sunday, Dec. 24—
7:30, 9:30, 11:30—Our Lady of Lourdes
10:00—St. Thomas the Apostle

Christmas Eve:
Sunday, Dec. 24—
4:00—Our Lady of Lourdes
5:00—St. Thomas the Apostle
9:00—Our Lady of Lourdes

Christmas Day
Monday, Dec. 25—
7:30—Our Lady of Lourdes
9:30—Our Lady of Lourdes
10:00—St. Thomas the Apostle

These days are very special for all of us. Please attend at least one Mass on both days.

The following week-end is New Year’s weekend. Since the Solemnity of the Mary, Mother of God is on Monday it is not a Holy Day of Obligation.

Masses on that day will be
Monday, Jan, 1—
6:30a.m.—Our Lady of Lourdes
8:30a.m.—St. Thomas the Apostle
There will be NO vigil on Dec. 31